From Which Credit Bureau Should You Order Your Credit Score?

Learn About Credit ScoreThis is a very valid question, and one that a cautious, thoughtful person who is keenly interested in managing, maintaining, and increasing his or her credit score would ask about a credit bureau. Credit report information is vitally important for everyone to know and review on a regular basis, because this is the information that prospective lenders will review to decide whether to extend credit to you. As for which bureau the credit report should come from, the answer is all three: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

However, shouldn't one bureau credit report suffice? Why do I need more than one? Here are some very good reasons why you should rely on more than one bureau credit report:

  • Errors could cost you more than money.
    If you only check one credit bureau report, you could miss potentially damaging errors on the other two bureaus' reports that could cost you job opportunities and much more.

  • Not all companies submit information to all credit bureaus.
    This is one of the most important reasons to get credit reports from all three bureaus. Potentially helpful, or damaging, credit information is likely to appear on one, but not all reports. Therefore, it's definitely in your best interests to receive and review all three bureau credit reports.

  • Managing your credit is your job.
    Your name is on the credit reports, and while there are credit-monitoring companies that will help you, it's your responsibility to stay informed and review all three bureau credit reports regularly.

  • One credit bureau credit report doesn't provide a complete picture.
    In order to protect your credit scores, you need to proactively manage and be aware of all of your credit activity and spot mistakes before they can hurt your credit. That means obtaining and reviewing each bureau credit report or using a service that provides them to you, making it much easier to stay informed.

With everyone so busy, it's very easy to forget about requesting and obtaining copies of each bureau credit report. Fortunately, can help you with this.


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