Introduction to the Stock Market

Additional Resources You've likely already heard people discussing investments and the stock market. At first, the terminology they use may sound a little strange, but the stock market is actually quite fascinating. It is a way for people around the world to buy and sell goods without having to deal with physical items. Let's have a look at how the stock market works.

The stock market is just that. It is a market. However, instead of having stalls with piles of products, people buy and sell stocks or shares. Stocks represent a partial ownership of a company. Suppose someone owns a company. If they enter it in the stock market, they might decide to divide the ownership into a hundred parts. That means a hundred people could now own the company. When the company makes money, that profit would be divided equally among the hundred people. In the stock market, people can buy much more than just one stock. They can also buy stocks in several companies at the same time. One of the most famous stock exchanges is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

If you've ever seen a stock exchange ticker, you would notice the stocks are shown in red or green, with little arrows next to them. This indicates whether the stock is rising or falling. Imagine that our little company announces that they will be launching a really cool product that is sure to be extremely popular with everyone. Now, a lot of people will try to buy stocks in that company, because they know that the profits in the next year will be high. When everyone tries to buy that company's stock, the price becomes higher. On the other hand, if the company announces that nobody likes their products anymore, everyone will sell the stocks and the price will quickly drop.

In the old days, stock trading was known as speculating, since people often relied on luck or guessing. Today when people trade stocks, they have to study and analyze the news, trading patterns and the state of the economy. This helps to make an educated decision about whether to buy or sell. When people trade wisely, they can make a great deal of money.

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