Math And Money

Additional Resources Think about some of the things you used or did today. Chances are most of those things were bought from a store, and to do that, we need money. More than simply just having money, it is also very important to know exactly how to use money. Money comes in a few different forms: notes (paper money) and coins. Each of them are a different value, so we often have to combine several different notes and coins to make up the correct amount. Want to learn more about how we apply math to money? Check out the cool links below for games, activities, and plenty more!

Different Types of Coins

Click on each U.S. coin to read some interesting facts about it.

The Dollar Dive Game

Plinky Pig needs your help to dive for coins and save enough to buy a new set of sails.

Count Your Coins

For each problem, count the coins to see if you have enough to buy different things.

Play the Change Game

Count out the correct amount of coins before your time runs out! Are you fast enough?

Identifying Coins Lesson Plan

A detailed lesson plan outlines how to teach children to identify coins and work out their values through a variety of fun activities.

Money Sums

Go shopping with Kristen, Ryan, and Evan and figure out how much money each of them has left after purchasing some toys and books.

Group Games with Coins

Teachers can organize students into small groups to play some of these class games to demonstrate counting and sorting coins.

Play the Penny Flip Game in Class

This class activity helps children to realize the number of pennies that equal a dime.

Exploring Different Coin Values

Follow a review game, slideshow and worksheet for many different coin combinations, and then try out the extra practice games at the end.

What is Skip Counting?

Generate a worksheet for students to demonstrate how to count coins by skipping series of each type.

Add the Value of the Coins

For each level in this game, add up the values of each coin and then enter the amount to check if your answer is right.

Delicious Money Math!

In this fun class game, children roll a die and buy little cakes if they have the right amount of money.

Money at the Farm

Buy toys and treats from the little farmer, but beware! He only accepts exactly the correct amount of change.

Visiting the Snack Shack (PDF)

The Snack Shack has a mouthwatering menu, but do you have enough money to buy some of the items on it?

At the Dollar Store

With a pocket full of coins, there's plenty to be bought at the One Dollar Store for those who can count the right change!

Making Change for Others

As a cashier at the store, kids will have the roles reversed as they make change for other shoppers.

Become a Penny Expert (PPT)

View a presentation all about the penny and learn how to count it like a pro.

A Coin Review (PPT)

Review your knowledge of coins and their values in a quick slideshow.

Counting Coins and Notes

Feeling more advanced? Try combining the values of coins and paper money!

Calculate the Right Change

Look at the amount of a purchase and the amount that was paid, and then calculate how much change to give back to the customer.

Dollar Change

Calculate the correct change for one dollar purchases.

Max at the Ice Cream Shop

Max is hungry for an ice cream, but first he has to count out his change to pay for it.

Comparing Equivalent Coins

Learn how to add or subtract different coins to make up the same value every time.

Money Resources for Kids

Download a presentation, as well as some fun games and worksheets all about money.

The Counting Coins Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan, children learn how to count coins through coin rubbings, singing, and other group activities.

Mixed Currency Lesson Plan (PDF)

As a step up from counting coins, this lesson plan introduces comparing and calculating values with notes and coins.

Counting Nickels

Learn how to skip count using nickels.

Money in the Piggy Bank

In this fun game, students have to figure out exactly how much money should go into a virtual piggy bank.


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