Refinance Your Mortgage With Bad Credit

Bad Credit Refinance Mortgage Tips

Manage Your CreditIt happens. You run up the charges on some high-interest credit cards, so you get a couple more cards to cover unexpected expenses. A few missed payments later, and your credit score is dropping like a brick.

If you own property, you may be able to refinance your home and bail yourself out of a sticky credit situation. However, in the world of home mortgage refinance, knowing what you're getting into can mean the difference between repairing your credit rating and losing your home.

Home mortgage refinance basics

Bad credit refinance mortgages work much like other loans. Your lender examines your credit score and makes you an offer based on your past credit history. Usually, a poor credit history prevents you from getting financing. However, a bad credit mortgage uses your home as collateral, opening the doorway to lending.

Like all consumer loans, a bad credit score costs you in higher interest rates. Interest rates for bad credit mortgages are likely to be at least three to five percent higher than normal. Lenders may also charge you more handling fees or apply higher-than-normal finance charges in addition to a higher interest rate.

Tips for home loan refinancing

Your stakes are high in a home mortgage refinance deal. Since your real property is at risk, you should carefully consider your options before taking on the risk. Here are a few pointers to consider.

  • Get credit counseling. Before you start the process of refinancing your home, talk with a debt counselor, and create a plan of attack to handle the bills. Although home loan refinancing will lower the monthly expenses from credit cards and other types of installment debt, the process exposes your home to the risk of liquidation and foreclosure. Be careful.

  • Wait. Since displaying responsible behavior over time can improve a bad credit score, waiting several months while paying your bills on time can net you better terms on a bad credit refinance mortgage. Market conditions can also affect mortgage finance terms, so patience is definitely a virtue when you're searching for home loan refinancing.

  • Limit the amount. Bad credit refinance mortgage lenders will often offer you a pre-set amount of money as part of the refinancing deal. Try to keep the refinance amount as low as possible so you have the best opportunity to pay off the debt.

Overall, a bad credit refinance mortgage can help you get back on financial solid ground, provided you're careful with your finances and take your responsibilities seriously.

Don't wait for the sky to fall on you or your family. Check your credit score regularly, get counseling, and develop a plan to get out of bad credit debt.


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