Credit Cards in 2012

Manage Your Credit2012 is just starting and that means more lenders want you to use their credit cards. If you made a New Year's resolution for responsible credit management and financial upkeep, be sure you know all there is to know about the offerings from banks and credit lenders.

Credit Card Offers in 2012

With all of the recent changes in credit card regulations and the desire for lenders to protect their investments, you may be wondering if credit card offers will be abundant in 2012. According to a Fox Business article, lenders will still be strict with underwriting, but they will most likely be more lenient in 2012. If you have a FICO score of 600, you will still probably get good offers.

Data shows that better credit management has caused an increase in credit scores for many people. Because of the improvement of credit scores across the board, lenders are willing to extend offers.

Here's a look at some of the more enticing offers from credit card lenders and what makes them stand out for you - the consumer.

What Credit Cards Offer in 2012

The New Year is bringing a host of new offers for credit cards. People who are hoping to establish themselves or manage their credit should look at what lenders have in store for 2012.

Here's an overview of some of the more enticing features of cards this year:

1. Rewards - Around 78% of new credit card offers are for rewards cards. With banks looking to build more relationships with customers, they want to keep you for a long time and make sure you're happy with their product. Some of the other extras banks want to offer you include: 0% balance transfers and better offerings on their checking accounts.

2. Cash back credit cards - Cards that give you cash back are making a bigger splash in 2012. With better cash-back rates and better options for credit management, you might consider a card that pays you back on your purchases. Typical cash back credit cards rates show a rate of 5 - 6 % for the New Year.

3. Secured cards - For those with lower scores, many lenders look to make secured credit cards more enticing to consumers. By adding a deposit for use, you can still have a credit card and use it for the purchase of needed items when your cash flow might be running low.

4. Perks cards - If you're a traveler or someone who loves getting something back, but not necessarily cash, perks cards are right for you. With everything from airline miles to other legitimate credit card perks, these types of cards would work for someone looking to optimize their credit management practices, while grabbing some other perks, including no bag fees from airlines and entertainment-related perks.

As you look at the different types of credit cards, you may wonder which will work for you and makes the most sense from a credit management standpoint. Perhaps you need more non-cash related perks and want to travel more - then a travel perks card may work for you. No matter which type of card you set your sights on, remember: only apply for credit when you actually need it - not when you simply want it.

Start 2012 with a positive step and sign-up for a membership to as you carefully consider if any of these credit cards are right for you.


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