Ohio Woman Finds FreeScore "very easy, very simple."

Interview with Tracy Ellerbrock of Amelia, Ohio

Tracy EllerbrockTracy Ellerbrock
Amelia, Ohio

"FreeScore is steering me in the right direction."

What made you decide to look at your credit scores, Tracy?
Initially, I was just curious about what my scores actually were. We (my husband and I) would like to do some things in our lives but I know we have some negative things on there items on my credit report. I just didn't know how much or exactly what it was they were.

Why did you choose FreeScore?
I see the commercial all the time and so I signed up online and worked looked up my scores. Then I looked at the three different credit reports.

Have you tried any other personal finance websites?
I went to another site several weeks ago but it was a little cumbersome going through their website. I couldn't get everything set up. I kept getting error messages so I just got frustrated and haven't gone back to it that site.

FreeScore was easier to use?
Yes. Very easy, very simple. It didn't take a lot of much time at all.

What did you find at FreeScore?
My credit scores are lower than I would like it them to be, but at least I know that now. And I do know what steps I can start to take to bring it them up.

How did you find out what to do?
The FreeScore site was helpful, especially some of the tools like the letter that's available for disputing or removing something from your record. There were some good tips as well. For example, if you are paying a couple of credit cards down, I didn't realize that closing them could possibly lower your credit score because then you don't have that available credit line.

Your goal is to improve your credit scores, right?
Yes. I'm still in the beginning stages of a plan to make that score better. FreeScore is steering me in the right direction.


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