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Eight questions help consumers understand the importance of knowing all 3 credit scores

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Rob Wyse

Norwalk, Conn. — July 20, 2009 — FreeScore.comSM has created www.FreeScoreQuiz.com, where consumers can test their knowledge about the importance of credit scores and reports. The site contains eight questions that separate fact from fiction for people seeking to buy a home or car, obtain insurance or even get a new job.

Visitors are welcomed to the quiz site by Filbert the Credit Squirrel, who asks people "How well do you know your credit score?" Once consumers launch into the quiz, they find questions covering:

  • Myths about credit reports and scores

  • The single most important factor in determining a credit score

  • Personal information included in a credit report

  • Why consumers need to check all 3 credit reports and scores

  • The types of decisions, besides loan approvals, that can be affected by credit scores and reports

  • Which people and institutions are allowed to access a consumer’s credit information

According to Rob Wyse, spokesperson for FreeScore.com, "FreeScore.com exists because, like the stock market, your credit scores can fluctuate. The credit knowledge quiz is a fun, easy way to learn more about credit scores and how they're used. Plus, consumers will better understand how vitally important it is to know their credit scores."

Also debuting this week is a new 60-second television commercial for FreeScore.com featuring Ben Stein, economist, lawyer, financial writer, former presidential speechwriter, actor, and TV personality. To view the new FreeScore.com commercial, visit www.FreeScore.tv.

About FreeScore LLC

FreeScore LLC is a consumer credit report and monitoring company. For more information go to www.FreeScore.com


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