After a Month of, Consumers Say They're Managing Their Credit Better offers consumers triple credit scores and reports, credit monitoring and information they can use

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Norwalk, Conn. — September 21, 2009 —, a leading provider of consumer credit scores, reports and monitoring services, gives consumers seven free days to see their credit scores and credit reports from all three major credit reporting agencies — TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. And that's just one way the service helps its members take greater control of their financial lives.

Visitors to the website can access the free credit information center where they'll find educational articles on credit management, credit reports, credit scores, credit history, debt consolidation and loans

"Credit scores and credit reports play a much bigger part in your finances than most people know," says spokesperson Rob Wyse. "Poor scores can cost you a higher interest rate, a job, or even a place to live. That's why it's so important to see where your credit stands and to make sure the information in your credit files is accurate."

Consumers who have tried the service offer favorable reviews for Consider just a few of the comments has received from its members:

  • Judy from Menasha, Wisconsin, says gives her just what she's looking for. "[I got] all the info needed to let me know what my scores were and why," she told the program. "It also gave me the ability to check to make sure all info was accurate…everything seemed safe and secure. It was also easy to use."

  • Jamie from New York City learned of a problem and was able to address it that day. "FreeScore worked exactly as advertised," she said. "I signed up for the service, identified an inaccuracy on my report, called the bank in question and the bank immediately offered to resolve the issue."

  • Pam from Round Lake Park, Illinois, now knows what issues to address. "I can see where there are discrepancies and will be able to dispute them."

  • And Neil from Coudersport, Pennsylvania, can now see where his credit stands. He said, "[FreeScore] showed me where my scores were then explained to me where the 3 credit agencies saw my weaknesses."

Wyse notes that these discoveries aren't surprising: "The only person truly responsible for making sure your credit information is accurate is you. If errors that harm your credit score are made on your credit report, it's up to you to dispute them. No one else will do that for you."

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