Launches Facebook Application to Determine Your Financial Personality

Are You a Money Maven or a Jet Setter?

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Norwalk, Conn. — November 3, 2009 — has announced the first Facebook application designed to help you determine your financial personality. The quiz, which can be accessed through FreeScore's Facebook page, offers respondents the ability to find out just what type of spender they are. After all, we're each financial characters, and now you can discover whether you're a "Money Maven," "Cheapskate," "Living on a Prayer," or "Jet Setter."

In the Facebook tradition, quirky questions and answers comprise's financial personality assessment. Quiz takers are asked questions about their lifestyles, like "What's in your fridge right now?" The responder then chooses from four amusing options, like "Which one? My office fridge, my Tribeca fridge, my Paris fridge or my other office fridge?" and "Peanut butter, grape jelly, a pint of half & half, a beer, and some cheese from a party I went to last summer."

Once you answer all seven questions, your financial character is revealed. Each character is accompanied by a satirical description. You could be a cheapskate who "buys your pants at Wal-Mart (heck, you buy EVERYTHING at Wal-Mart)" or a jet setter who "doles out cash to charities like a Rockefeller, and attends the most lavish events — to ensure you are mentioned on Page Six."

Filbert the Credit Squirrel, credit expert, world's smartest squirrel, and spokes-squirrel for, states, "This is your chance to get some props for your financial smarts from a squirrel. As for you fellow jet setters, I'm getting the Gulfstream fueled up so we can meet up with Bono at the Ritz-Carlton in Prague for the U2 concert tomorrow before jetting over to my Paris apartment for some shopping at Louis Vuitton. Forget the waterskiing squirrel; when you really want to see the world, the credit squirrel can take you farther."

Earlier this year Filbert revealed the credit quiz to test your financial knowledge.

Filbert the Credit Squirrel will report the results of the Financial Personalities of America by the end of 2009.

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