Announces Free Consumer Credit Information Center

Answers questions about credit history, scores, reports, debt consolidation and loans

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Rob Wyse

Norwalk, Conn. — September 21, 2009 — has created the Credit Information Center, where consumers can find answers about managing credit, credit reports, credit scores, credit history and debt consolidation and loans. All of this information is available to consumers for free. Each of the sections is below with the list of topics covered. In all, the FreeScore Credit Information Center covers 50 credit and finance topics.

In the "Manage Your Credit" section, the site answers questions about:

In the "Learn About Credit Reports" section, visitors can educate themselves on the following issues:

In the "Learn About Credit Scores" area, the site offers insights into the following topics:

In the "Learn About Credit History" section, consumers can learn about:

Regarding "Debt Consolidation and Loans," consumers can find out about:

According to Rob Wyse, spokesperson for, " exists to help people manage their financial lives — from credit reports and three kinds of scores, to debt consolidation and loans. In this volatile financial climate, all three credit scores can fluctuate, just like the stock market. Mistakes can be made in people's credit history. This is a free service of to ensure that consumers have all the information to protect and manage their financial lives."

About FreeScore LLC

FreeScore LLC is a consumer credit report and monitoring company. For more information go to


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