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Carrie Coghill credit expertCarrie Coghill
Director of Consumer Education

Carrie Coghill is the Director of Consumer Education for She has co-authored two books on personal finance, "The Newlyweds' Guide to Investing & Personal Finance" and "What's Your Investing IQ", and contributed to a third work, "Getting Started in 401(k) Investing."

Ms. Coghill is recognized as one of this country's foremost authorities on consumer money management and is a highly sought-after source by prestigious publications, including Business Week,, Investor's Business Daily, Dow Jones, and Money Magazine, among many others. Barron's Magazine has acknowledged her as a leading expert in the area of personal finance.

Carrie shares her knowledge and understanding of personal finance matters and personal credit concerns with FreeScore visitors* on a regular basis. Her insights are designed to enlighten and inform our readers about the complex world of credit and other everyday money matters.

*Please note that Ms. Coghill does not offer specific tips or advice regarding financial planning concerns or investment issues on this site.



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