Ben Stein Signs On as Commercial Spokesperson for Credit Service

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Rob Wyse

Norwalk, Conn. — July 13, 2009 — Ben Stein, economist, lawyer, financial writer, former presidential speechwriter, actor, and TV personality, is the new spokesperson for FreeScore.comSM, the online credit service offered by FreeScore, LLC. A new 60-second television commercial featuring Ben Stein starts airing nationwide today.

The commercial opens with Ben Stein sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper with the headline, "Americans in Financial Hole." In the background, people are popping out of holes and being whacked on the head by mallet-wielding creditors. Ben Stein opens the spot with the statement: "Think about it. If you're buried up to your neck in debt, it can feel like creditors trying to whack you on the head." Mr. Stein further states, "Whether you're in a financial hole, or just want to get a loan, a better interest rate, or a new job; you're at the mercy of your credit scores. You can't fix errors on your credit report if you haven't seen it. That's why I went to" The commercial was created by R2C Group of Portland, Oregon.

The spot also features an animated squirrel named Filbert as an assistant to Mr. Stein. Filbert, sporting a bow tie and glasses, offers additional information about the service, including a sign that shows the three sources of credit reports that delivers as part of its service: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Filbert closes the commercial by saying, "Life costs more without FreeScore."

Of his new role as commercial spokesperson for, Mr. Stein said, "When I was asked to do these commercials, I learned the importance of getting your credit scores from more than one source. Poor scores can cost people higher interest rates on loans and credit cards or even cost them a job. Most important, people can have mistakes or erroneous information on their credit records and not know it. With a credible service like, getting this information is easy."

According to Rob Wyse, spokesperson for FreeScore, LLC, "Ben Stein is the consummate professional and consumer advocate. Throughout his career, Ben has helped ordinary citizens better understand the personal effects of various consumer issues. Ben Stein is the right spokesperson to highlight the importance of a consumer's credit scores as Americans search for ways to take greater control of their personal finances."

Added Tim O'Leary, CEO of R2C Group, "We were looking for a well-known celebrity with a sense of humor with financial credibility; we wanted smart and funny. Ben is a rare individual who combines dry humor with being a respected writer and expert on economic issues. Plus, with Ben and an animated squirrel in a commercial, you can't go wrong."

Asked if Ben Stein knows his own credit scores, his answer: "Absolutely. Remember — you are what you know, not what you owe!"

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