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More and more consumers choose FreeScore

More and more consumers choose FreeScoreAs America's authority on credit management and protection, FreeScore continues to grow in popularity. Over 1 million members turn to FreeScore to help them stay in control of their credit. As more and more consumers join the program, FreeScore increases its reputation for providing its members with the most secure and convenient credit score service available.

FreeScore.com is a leading provider of credit scores, consumer credit information, and identity theft protection services in the United States.

For over a year, consumers across the nation have accessed their credit information through secure, FreeScore.com-branded web pages. Consumers can use this information to track and manage their credit behavior, to identify and eliminate credit fraud and identity theft risks, and to get a competitive advantage when negotiating interest rates on credit cards and loans.

FreeScore Team Wins 2010 Best Financial Services Online campaign Internet Advertising Award for FreeScore.com Online Advertising CampaignIn 2010, FreeScore.com was recognized with a prestigious Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award from the Web Marketing Association, an independent judging organization founded to "help set a high standard for Internet marketing and corporate web development on the World Wide Web."* FreeScore.com took top honors for Best Financial Services Online Campaign.

SVP, FreeScore: Jeff Paradise
VP, Marketing: Phil Sandler
Creative Director: Brian Atad
Art Director: Chuck Eiler
Senior Copywriter: Joe Frango
Associate Copywriter: Katelyn Hayes
Director, Web Development: Paul La Valle
Again Mobile: Interactive Agency

FreeScore.com has become a destination site for an increasingly credit-conscious public. The site offers immediate access to credit scores and monitoring as well as educational information and tips on how to safeguard one's credit and identity.





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